sarah e. murray


I am an Associate Professor in the Department of Linguistics at Cornell University and a graduate field member in American Indian and Indigenous Studies, Cognitive Science, Linguistics, and Philosophy. In 2010, I received my Ph.D. in Linguistics with a Certificate in Cognitive Science from Rutgers University. My primary interests are formal semantics and pragmatics, philosophy of language, fieldwork, understudied languages, ...



2017. The Semantics of Evidentials. in the Oxford University Press series Studies in Semantics and Pragmatics. [ bibtex ]

selected papers

2021. Evidentiality, Modality, and Speech Acts. In Annual Review of Linguistics, Volume 7.

2020. Evidentials. In The Wiley Blackwell Companion to Semantics

2020. The Structure of Communicative Acts (with William Starr). in Linguistics and Philosophy. [ draft ]

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Cheyenne is an Algonquian language spoken in Montana and Oklahoma. I am part of an NSF grant with Chief Dull Knife College to create a database of Cheyenne texts (BCS-1664462).

See my Cheyenne page and the Cheyenne Dictionary for more information.

recent and upcoming talks

February 2022. DGfS 2022 Workshop on Commitments in Grammar and Discourse

5 November 2021. The logic of speech acts: Sentential force vs utterance force. UConn Logic Group (virtual)

26 January 2021. The Structure of Communicative Acts (with William Starr). University of Cologne (virtual)

27 March 2020. Colloquium, UMass Amherst (to be rescheduled)

30 Oct-1 Nov 2019. Hedging assertions and questions with sentential force modifiers. SPAGAD-1 Speech Acts in Grammar and Discourse: Syntactic and Semantic Modeling, ZAS Berlin.

7 May 2019. Evidential indefinites and other indefinite pronouns in Cheyenne, Anaphora at the syntax-semantics-pragmatics interface in endangered and understudied languages, Workshop at GLOW 42, Oslo.

10 March 2018. Logical Connectives in Natural Languages, Semantics 2018: Looking Ahead, workshop in honor of the retirement of Angelika Kratzer.

24 August 2017. Academic Symposium in honor of the inauguration of Martha E. Pollack, 14th president of Cornell University.

13 May 2017. Complex connectives. Invied talk, SALT 27.

10 April 2017. Conjunction and complex connectives in Cheyenne. Colloquium, Department of Linguistics, UC Berkeley.

18 November 2016. The semantics of evidentials. Colloquium, Department of Linguistics, Harvard.

6-8 May 2016. Reportative indefinites. Invited talk, Semantics of Under-Represented Languages in the Americas (SULA) 9. University of California, Santa Cruz.

22-23 April 2016. Unstructured content, structured context. Invited talk, The Unstructured Conference, Department of Philosophy, Rutgers University.

1-3 April 2016. Evidential indefinites. Invited talk, The Workshop on Structure and Constituency in the Languages of the Americas, UQAM.

30 March 2016. Evidentials and Illocutionary Mood in Cheyenne. Colloquium, Department of Linguistics, University of Ottawa.

5 Dec 2015. Force and conversational states (with William Starr). Differentiating Contents, Workshop, Department of Philosophy, Carnegie Mellon University.

22-25 Oct 2015. Expressing comparison in Cheyenne (with Todd Snider). 47th Algonquian Conference, University of Manitoba.

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